How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Since her album Ceremonials which was released in 2012, Florence + The Machine haven’t posted anything new up until this album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful which is honestly a piece of art! The whole album and videos that go with the songs are beautiful pieces of art. All the emotion put into each song and the artistic talent in making writing them and illustrating them in the videos are exquisite! The deluxe album comes with 5 bonus songs that just make the album better!

There is no one song that sums up the album. All of the songs are all equally mesmerizing! The album has ups and downs of very upbeat and mellow songs which are great! Delilah is one of the songs that stood out, after that song the album slows right down. Mother is a very interesting song on the album as it adopts a kind of old rock sound with solid progressions and then has a prominent, wavy guitar! The song kind of has a prolonged ending but it doesn’t ruin the song, if anything it heightens it even more!

Throughout listening to this album, if someone who had the slightest interest in Florence + The Machine before, listening to this album would make them a huge fan! The album is perfection and is nothing short of being beautiful! It’s absolutely something you would expect from her, but she blows it out of the water!


Poison – RITA ORA

RITA ORA just released a her new song Poison which sounds like she’s getting ready for everyone’s summer vibes!! It sounds like she’s aiming for Top Summer 2015 songs with this one and it could totally happen with it’s upbeat, catchy lyrics. This song definitely sounds like Top 40 material if not Top 10 summer songs of the year!

The songs itself came out about 2 weeks ago, but the Music Video debuted today and was about RITA being stalked and discovered by some photographer and how she becomes his big time model and how she has to deal with all the changes around her and how people close with her left and she was left alone. The video itself is alright but is nothing special. But the song in its entirety is good will definitely make one of the Top Summer Songs of 2015!

New Weeknd Single

The Weeknd came out with a new single that has been long anticipated since a 30 second snippet was posted to Youtube a while back with him performing the song live somewhere. But the song finally came out about a week ago and  does not disappoint! It’s pretty much what you would expect from The Weeknd from his Trilogy album.

After his disappointing album Kissland from 2013 (in my opinion), The single The Hills seems promising for his upcoming songs and an anticipated album Chapter III which is planned to be released this year! Before The Hills was released, he also had the song Earned It on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack which made it big and was widely played once the movie came out and Often, and King of the Fall his other single that were debuted earlier in 2015.

Although The Weeknd has been featured and in remixed songs recently like Love me Harder by Arianna Grande, Or Nah by Ty Dolla $ign, Drunk In LoveSecrets by Jr. Hi, and Elastic Heart by Sia, there hasn’t been much released by just himself. So having new songs by him is definitely a good change of pace for him and all of his fans!

Hopefully a debut date for the album Chapter III will be shared soon for much awaited Weeknd fans!


After being off the grid since 2008, rapper and actor known for his roles in the Fast and Furious series Ludacris has made a come back with his new release of his album LUDAVERSAL. Going back and listening to his older music, like Get BackMoney Maker, and One More Drink featuring T-Pain, this album is a new step for Ludacris. Coming back with strong lyrics it sounds like classic Luda, but then he goes that next step and makes the song a banger. Ludaversal Intro is how he starts off and it’s a very strong start. Also, throughout the album, there are a lot of skits in or at the beginning of songs which are hilarious like the Viagra Skit, and like most Ludacris songs, you can usually just picture the music video to go with the lyrics or the skits.

The album features R&B artists such as Miguel, Usher, Monica, John Legend and more!! Once Miguel is introduced into the song Good Lovin’, the album slows down quite a bit. The next one is Ocean Skies where he says how he lost his dad to alcoholism and how it and his father changed him into the man and artist he is today. The song it’s self is amazing and is over the guitar from Billy Talent’s Diamond on a Landmine which is really surprising once you start the song because you hear the guitar right off the bat and then Ludacris goes in and makes a masterpiece out of it with a great message.

The come back of Ludacris was much anticipated and the album was definitely worth the long wait!!

New TSwift!!

New Taylor Swift song was released May 18, 2015 at midnight and had a star-studded video which included Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Ellen Pompeo, Hailee Steinfield, Ellie Goulding, Hailey Willaims from Paramore, Zendaya, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Mariska Hargitay, Martha Hunt, Serayah, Gigi Hadid, Lena Dunham, Cindy Crawford, Cara Develinge and more stars. Watching the video itself is hilarious and seeing huge models and actresses show up in this combat video was well worth it! From the looks of it, it shows Twsift’s squad vs. Selena Gomez’s squad toe to toe in the end, about to duke it out with explosions and fires going off all around them. The video starts with Taylor as Catastrophe and Selena as Arsyn, fighting side-by-side and Selena betrays Swift for a briefcase. The video then continues to show all the stars with their kick-ass names like Dilemma, Slay-Z, Destructa X, Mother Chucker, and Cut Throat. It looks like a feminist Avenger squad ready to tear Selena Gomez a new one. Joseph Khan directed the video and was spot on with everything,and it was obviously produced by yours truly, Taylor Swift.

Swift first started hinting about the song March 7th, when she posted a picture of herself as Catastrophe and Lily Aldridge as FrostByte on her Instagram profile. The next few consecutive days, she kept uploading 2 different celebs who would be in the music video and their character names up until the song dropped.

The song quality is pretty good featuring Kendrick Lamar with Taylor Swift with a solid bass and catchy beat. Again, Swift proves that she can get any song stuck in your head with her solid lyrics and beat that make the song be stuck in your head for at least a week.

Wilder Mind – Mumford & Sons

The highly anticipated Wilder Mind was kind of a let down to Mumford’s fan basis. They seemed to have totally gotten rid of their folkish sound here and decided to try something new and bring in a more electronic alternative sound. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what every one was expecting and was kind of disappointing to listen to. In their previous albums Sigh No More and Babel, it seemed like they put more emotion behind their songs such as Thistle and Weed and Broken Crown, but there were no really strong songs like that on this album. The album just didn’t sound like it had much of that power. Taking out the banjo and their neo-folk sound also took away from the band’s image. It set them apart from other bands. Unfortunately it was a big let down for people that loved their older albums.

By no means does this mean that the album was terrible. It was just another average album. Other than Believe, Snake Eyes, and The Wolf the other songs didn’t really have much weight to them. They were almost feathery and sounded like fillers. Parts of other songs such as Ditmas brought back a sense of the old Mumford & Sons we love. Tompkins Square Park is also a very good song from the album with its melodic electric guitar which is a nice touch to the song. But in its entirety, they album doesn’t live up the Mumford’s previous performances.

2014 Forest Hills Drive – J. Cole Review

This album was long awaited by many people since Cole World – The Sideline Story which was released in 2011. Here, J. Cole expresses his deep personal meanings for his music. The album was actually named after his childhood address where he grew up in North Carolina. Listening to the album front to back, he shows what kind of life he lived there and it’s powerful. There is a very powerful point of working his way up tot where he is now and how he was shaped from Forest Hills Drive.

Throughout the album, it takes on a kind on some kind of sound of ChannelOrange by Frank Ocean but possibly better! A couple songs have a solid trap beat that he raps over and once he hits the chorus, you can’t resist but to head bang to it! A Tale of 2 Citiez, No Role Modelz, and G.O.M.D. all can get you going with their catchy beats and powerful lyrics. J. Cole yet again proves his lyrical skills throughout this album. Especially in No Role Modelz he puts a clip of former President George W. Busch with his famous screw up of the “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” quote. After that clip, he drops a stellar line pretty much stating that he wont take anyone’s crap. The song itself has a really powerful meaning behind it in which it’s saying don’t waste your time on someone who isn’t willing to do it themselves, which in retrospect to the world, is pretty bang on.

Even though J. Cole has been a star for many years, this was his first album to win platinum. On top of that, it was the first hip-hop/rap album to receive a platinum status without a single and without any featuring artists since 1989 which was NWA’s Straight Outta Compton. All-in-all, J. Cole killed the album and deserved the platinum for his performance.

Run Review

Following up their previous album Megalithic Symphony of 2011, Awolnation came out with their album Run March 17th. From their last album which seemed to be all over the place with their different sound and heavy synthesizers in a lot of their songs. First listening to Megalithic Symphony, it sounded very odd and peculiar but listening to it in its entirety multiple times, it didn’t turn out to be that bad of an album. Although Sail was the big seller of the album, there were a couple others that could have gotten more spotlight such as Kill Your Heroes and Wake Up.

In regards to Awolnation’s newest album Run, it’s well done and a respectable follow up to Megalithic Symphony. The synthesizers are not has heavy throughout most of the songs which is good because it doesn’t feel like your speakers are tearing every song. Some songs start off slow and that have a huge take off that will get you bouncing your head with it. Jailbreak would probably be one of the better songs off the album the album shouldn’t be summed up just by that song. The song sounds like the step after Sail, almost like a sequel to the hit single. Something unusual they did in the album is they put on a song called Headrest For My Soul that is just an acoustic guitar, a choir and Aaron Bruno (lead singer). Sort of out of the ordinary for the band, but it does not disappoint!

Upon listening to Run, it’s a stellar album and surpasses Megalithic Symphony. Unfortunately, Awolnation is not everyone’s cup of tea and a lot of people won’t even give the album the time of day. But for those that enjoy they’re electronic, alternative, rock sound, it is a blast of an album!

Ultimate Sinatra

Although Frank Sinatra passed away in 1998, there have been countless new releases of albums with Sinatra on them. There was an album released with a number of his duets and quiet a few greatest hits. Most recently though is the Ultimate Sinatra album that came out April 21, 2015 which has 101 songs with some of the largest like Moonlight in Vermont, Witchcraft, My Funny Valentine. The album looks like it was put together by 4 separate albums that are pieced together. The first part of The Ultimate Sinatra is composed of some old recordings from back in the day recorded on 78rpm records. It really brings back the legacy of Sinatra and does him justice and is everything you would expect from it. Just some classic old jazz tunes that are made for every occasion. Bumming around the house, cruising around, sitting in front of a fire with a glass of whiskey, or taking a shower, the rich sound of Frank Sinatra. The Ultimate Sinatra album is pretty much just  a classic old school jazz album but does have a few other artist featured in it. Frank does a duet of Somethin’ Stupid with his daughter Nancy Sinatra. Also, there are a couple of songs featuring Antônio Carlos Jobim who played guitar to accompany an orchestra with very strong violins in I Concentrate on You that makes you just want to sway with the song. Hands down one of the top songs off the album alongside with the classic Fly Me to the Moon.

All in all, the album is what one would typically expect from Sinatra with his fines and old school sound. He never fails to fulfill anyone’s desire to listen to jazz.

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