Aleissa Cara is Here

Known for her big hit Here, Aleissa Cara seems to be bringing back old school jazz and swing music with a modern feel to it! For the people who love the swinging songs thank just make you want to snap your fingers to many of the songs. Here, Outlaws, and Four Pink Walls all have that jazzy bass and the classic R&B feel to them. Funky bass, saxophones, and classic jazz riffs is what you can dig from this album.

Of course, there are more poppy songs within the album like Wild ThingsI’m Yours, and Overdose. These are probably the more upbeat songs on the album that can just be generally enjoyed by everyone!

But many of the songs have really similar bass lines which makes for really basic songs, unfortunately. Like Wild ThingsOverdose, and Scars to Your Beautiful all have pretty much the same bass and backing, just at different tempos. Once you notice this, the whole album is more or less boring… Don’t get me wrong, it’s an easy listen of an album and has a really good way of bringing back old R&B and Jazz sounds, but it’s not very complex.

Near the end of the album, there is a different version of Here (Here – 2AM Version) which really stands out from the rest of the album because it’s just Aleissa and a piano which is actually really powerful and a nice change up from the rest of the album! Similar kind of thing happens with River of Tears which is also different from the rest of the album

After all that, hit single and similar sounds through the album, it’s not terrible, but I don’t think it’s a stellar album.. Which is a bummer because there are some outstanding sounds, but the album as a whole isn’t as diverse as anticipated.


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