Adele Is Back!

After a four year hiatus, Adele has returned with a smash single Hello!! If you haven’t heard about this from all the Facebook, Twitter, Billboard, Consequence of Sound or on the radio, you might live under a rock.

The single was released earlier last week and blew up all social media. This is no surprise because it’s Adele, and needless to say the song is outstanding! You can’t listen to the song and not feel the power and emotions behind it. It’s such beautiful song and one hell of a way for Adele to jump back in the game.

Along with the release of the song, Adele also released her set list for her upcoming album “25”. So out of nowhere, Adele not only released a single, but debuted all the song titles for her new album which comes out in less than a month. Since the Hello was aired, it quickly jumped on to the charts and “25” is now the #1 album on iTunes right now.

Now, back to the song… The whole thing is about how she had a lover and things went sour along the way and how she’s been trying to get back into contact with him and see how his life is going since the break-up. If that isn’t moving enough, the music video is one that will bring a tear to the eyes of every man, wife, and child. The song has the classic Adele song with the signature piano and her transcendent voice in the chorus.

Now this is probably one of the biggest songs on air now, it probably wont take too long for the song to start getting overplayed, especially from the long absence of Adele. So get your fill on it before you get annoyed with it!


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