Beauty Behind The Madness

The Weeknd’s long awaited album was released earlier this summer with all the great tracks we all love like Can’t Feel My Face, The Hills, and Often. Like we all anticipated, this album was going to be another hit for 2015 especially with features from Labrinth, Lana Del Rey, and Ed Sheeran on Losers, Prisoner,and Dark Times respectively.

The whole album is the classic Weeknd we love from his older songs like Twenty-Eight from “Trilogy”. In our eyes this is a huge step up from “Kissland” which debuted in 2013. Don’t take this the wrong way, but “Kissland” seemed very basic and the only really good songs off that album was Pharrell’s remix of Wanderlust and The Weeknd’s cover of an older song Odd Look.

THAT BEING SAID! The beauty behind this album is very evident. Great songs like Real LifeTell your FriendsAcquainted, and In the Night just get you loving the Torontonian even more! The songs seem like they were made to make you catch all the feels. Just close your eyes and listen to everything and soak it in and you cant help by sway and smile!

Also, we can’t forget how he also brought back his acoustics in Shameless and Dark Times just like he did back in 2012 with Rolling Stone. Shameless starts off with the acoustics and then explodes with the classic Weeknd bass. As the song goes on, the guitar just keeps getting more embellished by bass, synths, and electronics. Midway through the song just before hte outro, a guitar solo with a synth comes out of now were and leads to it’s strong ending. Dark Times features Ed Sheeran and has a very western kind of feel. Ed starts off with the signature sound with some wrenching vocals. Then The Weeknd comes in with similar vocals, and the song closes with a string orchestra swaying in the back and the ending riffs of the guitar.

All said in done, The Weeknd did not disappoint with this album which is still charting within the TOP 10 if not the TOP 5 albums of the year along with two singles staying in the Top 10 billboards (Can’t Feel My Face and The Hills).


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