Drones – Muse

Muse’s new album Drones sounds like a mix between something like Protest the Hero and U2, which in fact sounds pretty good. The way Mathew Bellamy (lead vocal and guitarist) gets is voice to hit the lows and ALL of the highs is quite the accomplishment and will give you chills through many of the songs on this new album!

The track Drones sort of sounds like chamber music and doesn’t really have the same feel that the rest of the album portrays. It seems like the album is taking on a kind of 1984 and Big Brother feel with many of the songs relating to “The Man” and being powered by him. Many of the songs such as Dead Inside, Psycho, and The Handler are all very good songs off the album and all relate to the common them of a “Big Brother” idea which is also emphasized through the artwork. Drones takes on a very different sound than the rest of the album and is very similar to chamber music. When all is said and done, the album was laid out in such a way that in the beginning people were being dominated and as time went on, they revolted and caused the end of the Drones which makes sense for the way the album ends.

It was a well done album by Muse and Warner Music UK. Good tunes and was organized in a great manner by chronological order of events through a change, revolution and aftermath!


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