How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

Since her album Ceremonials which was released in 2012, Florence + The Machine haven’t posted anything new up until this album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful which is honestly a piece of art! The whole album and videos that go with the songs are beautiful pieces of art. All the emotion put into each song and the artistic talent in making writing them and illustrating them in the videos are exquisite! The deluxe album comes with 5 bonus songs that just make the album better!

There is no one song that sums up the album. All of the songs are all equally mesmerizing! The album has ups and downs of very upbeat and mellow songs which are great! Delilah is one of the songs that stood out, after that song the album slows right down. Mother is a very interesting song on the album as it adopts a kind of old rock sound with solid progressions and then has a prominent, wavy guitar! The song kind of has a prolonged ending but it doesn’t ruin the song, if anything it heightens it even more!

Throughout listening to this album, if someone who had the slightest interest in Florence + The Machine before, listening to this album would make them a huge fan! The album is perfection and is nothing short of being beautiful! It’s absolutely something you would expect from her, but she blows it out of the water!


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