New Weeknd Single

The Weeknd came out with a new single that has been long anticipated since a 30 second snippet was posted to Youtube a while back with him performing the song live somewhere. But the song finally came out about a week ago and  does not disappoint! It’s pretty much what you would expect from The Weeknd from his Trilogy album.

After his disappointing album Kissland from 2013 (in my opinion), The single The Hills seems promising for his upcoming songs and an anticipated album Chapter III which is planned to be released this year! Before The Hills was released, he also had the song Earned It on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack which made it big and was widely played once the movie came out and Often, and King of the Fall his other single that were debuted earlier in 2015.

Although The Weeknd has been featured and in remixed songs recently like Love me Harder by Arianna Grande, Or Nah by Ty Dolla $ign, Drunk In LoveSecrets by Jr. Hi, and Elastic Heart by Sia, there hasn’t been much released by just himself. So having new songs by him is definitely a good change of pace for him and all of his fans!

Hopefully a debut date for the album Chapter III will be shared soon for much awaited Weeknd fans!


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