After being off the grid since 2008, rapper and actor known for his roles in the Fast and Furious series Ludacris has made a come back with his new release of his album LUDAVERSAL. Going back and listening to his older music, like Get BackMoney Maker, and One More Drink featuring T-Pain, this album is a new step for Ludacris. Coming back with strong lyrics it sounds like classic Luda, but then he goes that next step and makes the song a banger. Ludaversal Intro is how he starts off and it’s a very strong start. Also, throughout the album, there are a lot of skits in or at the beginning of songs which are hilarious like the Viagra Skit, and like most Ludacris songs, you can usually just picture the music video to go with the lyrics or the skits.

The album features R&B artists such as Miguel, Usher, Monica, John Legend and more!! Once Miguel is introduced into the song Good Lovin’, the album slows down quite a bit. The next one is Ocean Skies where he says how he lost his dad to alcoholism and how it and his father changed him into the man and artist he is today. The song it’s self is amazing and is over the guitar from Billy Talent’s Diamond on a Landmine which is really surprising once you start the song because you hear the guitar right off the bat and then Ludacris goes in and makes a masterpiece out of it with a great message.

The come back of Ludacris was much anticipated and the album was definitely worth the long wait!!


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