Wilder Mind – Mumford & Sons

The highly anticipated Wilder Mind was kind of a let down to Mumford’s fan basis. They seemed to have totally gotten rid of their folkish sound here and decided to try something new and bring in a more electronic alternative sound. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what every one was expecting and was kind of disappointing to listen to. In their previous albums Sigh No More and Babel, it seemed like they put more emotion behind their songs such as Thistle and Weed and Broken Crown, but there were no really strong songs like that on this album. The album just didn’t sound like it had much of that power. Taking out the banjo and their neo-folk sound also took away from the band’s image. It set them apart from other bands. Unfortunately it was a big let down for people that loved their older albums.

By no means does this mean that the album was terrible. It was just another average album. Other than Believe, Snake Eyes, and The Wolf the other songs didn’t really have much weight to them. They were almost feathery and sounded like fillers. Parts of other songs such as Ditmas brought back a sense of the old Mumford & Sons we love. Tompkins Square Park is also a very good song from the album with its melodic electric guitar which is a nice touch to the song. But in its entirety, they album doesn’t live up the Mumford’s previous performances.


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