Ultimate Sinatra

Although Frank Sinatra passed away in 1998, there have been countless new releases of albums with Sinatra on them. There was an album released with a number of his duets and quiet a few greatest hits. Most recently though is the Ultimate Sinatra album that came out April 21, 2015 which has 101 songs with some of the largest like Moonlight in Vermont, Witchcraft, My Funny Valentine. The album looks like it was put together by 4 separate albums that are pieced together. The first part of The Ultimate Sinatra is composed of some old recordings from back in the day recorded on 78rpm records. It really brings back the legacy of Sinatra and does him justice and is everything you would expect from it. Just some classic old jazz tunes that are made for every occasion. Bumming around the house, cruising around, sitting in front of a fire with a glass of whiskey, or taking a shower, the rich sound of Frank Sinatra. The Ultimate Sinatra album is pretty much just  a classic old school jazz album but does have a few other artist featured in it. Frank does a duet of Somethin’ Stupid with his daughter Nancy Sinatra. Also, there are a couple of songs featuring Antônio Carlos Jobim who played guitar to accompany an orchestra with very strong violins in I Concentrate on You that makes you just want to sway with the song. Hands down one of the top songs off the album alongside with the classic Fly Me to the Moon.

All in all, the album is what one would typically expect from Sinatra with his fines and old school sound. He never fails to fulfill anyone’s desire to listen to jazz.


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