Run Review

Following up their previous album Megalithic Symphony of 2011, Awolnation came out with their album Run March 17th. From their last album which seemed to be all over the place with their different sound and heavy synthesizers in a lot of their songs. First listening to Megalithic Symphony, it sounded very odd and peculiar but listening to it in its entirety multiple times, it didn’t turn out to be that bad of an album. Although Sail was the big seller of the album, there were a couple others that could have gotten more spotlight such as Kill Your Heroes and Wake Up.

In regards to Awolnation’s newest album Run, it’s well done and a respectable follow up to Megalithic Symphony. The synthesizers are not has heavy throughout most of the songs which is good because it doesn’t feel like your speakers are tearing every song. Some songs start off slow and that have a huge take off that will get you bouncing your head with it. Jailbreak would probably be one of the better songs off the album the album shouldn’t be summed up just by that song. The song sounds like the step after Sail, almost like a sequel to the hit single. Something unusual they did in the album is they put on a song called Headrest For My Soul that is just an acoustic guitar, a choir and Aaron Bruno (lead singer). Sort of out of the ordinary for the band, but it does not disappoint!

Upon listening to Run, it’s a stellar album and surpasses Megalithic Symphony. Unfortunately, Awolnation is not everyone’s cup of tea and a lot of people won’t even give the album the time of day. But for those that enjoy they’re electronic, alternative, rock sound, it is a blast of an album!


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