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After a long hiatus, we’re coming back online with more reviews, more new music and hopefully a new feature, New Music Playlists! After over a year of no new content, we’ve decided to come back online and start putting out more reviews! Reviews from current hit artists and then artists we think you should keep an eye out for!

This  New Music Playlist will be featuring tracks that we deem note worthy. Tracks from artists that we see are new and upcoming, and then just obvious great tunes.

Again, sorry about being M.I.A for the past year, and we hope to keep your interest as we come back into the game!



Aleissa Cara is Here

Known for her big hit Here, Aleissa Cara seems to be bringing back old school jazz and swing music with a modern feel to it! For the people who love the swinging songs thank just make you want to snap your fingers to many of the songs. Here, Outlaws, and Four Pink Walls all have that jazzy bass and the classic R&B feel to them. Funky bass, saxophones, and classic jazz riffs is what you can dig from this album.

Of course, there are more poppy songs within the album like Wild ThingsI’m Yours, and Overdose. These are probably the more upbeat songs on the album that can just be generally enjoyed by everyone!

But many of the songs have really similar bass lines which makes for really basic songs, unfortunately. Like Wild ThingsOverdose, and Scars to Your Beautiful all have pretty much the same bass and backing, just at different tempos. Once you notice this, the whole album is more or less boring… Don’t get me wrong, it’s an easy listen of an album and has a really good way of bringing back old R&B and Jazz sounds, but it’s not very complex.

Near the end of the album, there is a different version of Here (Here – 2AM Version) which really stands out from the rest of the album because it’s just Aleissa and a piano which is actually really powerful and a nice change up from the rest of the album! Similar kind of thing happens with River of Tears which is also different from the rest of the album

After all that, hit single and similar sounds through the album, it’s not terrible, but I don’t think it’s a stellar album.. Which is a bummer because there are some outstanding sounds, but the album as a whole isn’t as diverse as anticipated.

Hotline Drake

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple months, Toronto’s very own Drake made a remix of Hotline Bling that was been making a killing recently. Little to everyone’s knowledge, the song isn’t really Drake’s… Well sort of…

Drake sampled the song from the original Why Can’t We Live Together by Timmy Thomas who was an old R&B singer back in the 1970’s. Hotline Bling also gets some resemblance to Cha Cha by D.R.A.M..

So once Drake released Hotline Bling, there was a whole bunch of hype behind it because he just put out “IF YOURE READING THIS ITS TOO LATE” with huge hits like 6 ManKnow Yourself, Energy and 10 Bands and also did a whole collaboration album with Future “What A Time To Be Alive” with the well known Jumpman. After BOTH these albums were released this year, when Hotline Bling hit the charts at #66 in August, it continued to climb to #2 on the billboards. Not. Good. Enough. Not for Drake.

Taking the number two spot in billboards and sales would be a huge accomplishment for many artists, but Drake wanted this song to be #1. Step One: Make a music video. Alright, makes sense, get people to watch the video for the song. That will bring in more views. Step Two: Dance like you don’t care what happens. DONE DEAL! If you haven’t seen the music video yet, Drake is pulling some unseen dance moves in a big white room with changing lights. With this two pronged approach, the Hotline Bling music video danced its way into SOOOOO many memes, vines, vine, compilations around the world. With that, people watched the video countless times, made their own memes of the song with Drake making pizzas, playing Wii Bowling, Tennis, pokemon battles, and more!

Very smart move on Drake’s behalf, making a stellar music video to make the already hit song even bigger!

Adele Is Back!

After a four year hiatus, Adele has returned with a smash single Hello!! If you haven’t heard about this from all the Facebook, Twitter, Billboard, Consequence of Sound or on the radio, you might live under a rock.

The single was released earlier last week and blew up all social media. This is no surprise because it’s Adele, and needless to say the song is outstanding! You can’t listen to the song and not feel the power and emotions behind it. It’s such beautiful song and one hell of a way for Adele to jump back in the game.

Along with the release of the song, Adele also released her set list for her upcoming album “25”. So out of nowhere, Adele not only released a single, but debuted all the song titles for her new album which comes out in less than a month. Since the Hello was aired, it quickly jumped on to the charts and “25” is now the #1 album on iTunes right now.

Now, back to the song… The whole thing is about how she had a lover and things went sour along the way and how she’s been trying to get back into contact with him and see how his life is going since the break-up. If that isn’t moving enough, the music video is one that will bring a tear to the eyes of every man, wife, and child. The song has the classic Adele song with the signature piano and her transcendent voice in the chorus.

Now this is probably one of the biggest songs on air now, it probably wont take too long for the song to start getting overplayed, especially from the long absence of Adele. So get your fill on it before you get annoyed with it!

In and Around The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood is back!! The Indie Alternative sounding have been releasing singles on and off such as #icanteven featuring French Montana and R.I.P 2 My Youth. Although #icanteven was released last year, it’s been a long time since the band has made a splash in the music industry. The two most recent releases are R.I.P 2 My Youth and The Beach. These singles are a very different sound than we are used to from the band from their album “I Love You.” It sounds more fluid and mellow than other songs like Afraid, Female Robbery, and W.D.Y.W.F.M.

The Beach is a new sound from The Neighbourhood and has a more mellow alternative vibe rather than an angry alternative sound. Not saying that “I Love You.” was bad or anything, but this may be the band’s way of turning over a new leaf and a new sound, which may be beneficial for them! So far so good!!

The Neighbourhood themselves also have other songs roaming around on YouTube like Jealo$y that has been on YouTube for the past year, the band hasn’t really claimed it as a single. The song has a very prominent saxophone throughout and has its own chorus which is very interesting and new from the band, and has rapping from Casey Veggies & 100s, that also is very new to the band. It truly is unfortunate that the band hasn’t deemed the song as a single because it’s a solid tune just to mellow out too as well!

Hopefully the band will claim some of their songs as singles and put out a new album relatively quickly… Cause, it’s been long enough!

Beauty Behind The Madness

The Weeknd’s long awaited album was released earlier this summer with all the great tracks we all love like Can’t Feel My Face, The Hills, and Often. Like we all anticipated, this album was going to be another hit for 2015 especially with features from Labrinth, Lana Del Rey, and Ed Sheeran on Losers, Prisoner,and Dark Times respectively.

The whole album is the classic Weeknd we love from his older songs like Twenty-Eight from “Trilogy”. In our eyes this is a huge step up from “Kissland” which debuted in 2013. Don’t take this the wrong way, but “Kissland” seemed very basic and the only really good songs off that album was Pharrell’s remix of Wanderlust and The Weeknd’s cover of an older song Odd Look.

THAT BEING SAID! The beauty behind this album is very evident. Great songs like Real LifeTell your FriendsAcquainted, and In the Night just get you loving the Torontonian even more! The songs seem like they were made to make you catch all the feels. Just close your eyes and listen to everything and soak it in and you cant help by sway and smile!

Also, we can’t forget how he also brought back his acoustics in Shameless and Dark Times just like he did back in 2012 with Rolling Stone. Shameless starts off with the acoustics and then explodes with the classic Weeknd bass. As the song goes on, the guitar just keeps getting more embellished by bass, synths, and electronics. Midway through the song just before hte outro, a guitar solo with a synth comes out of now were and leads to it’s strong ending. Dark Times features Ed Sheeran and has a very western kind of feel. Ed starts off with the signature sound with some wrenching vocals. Then The Weeknd comes in with similar vocals, and the song closes with a string orchestra swaying in the back and the ending riffs of the guitar.

All said in done, The Weeknd did not disappoint with this album which is still charting within the TOP 10 if not the TOP 5 albums of the year along with two singles staying in the Top 10 billboards (Can’t Feel My Face and The Hills).

Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys Starts New Band

Dan Auerbach, the lead singer and guitarist from The Black Keys has announced that he is with a new band with founder of Truth and Soul Records, Leon Michel, touring bassist for The Black Keys, Richard Swift, Homer Steinweiss, Nick Movshon who was Amy Winehouse’s collaborator, Kenny Vaughan, and members from an all-female mariachi band. It’s a diverse mix of artists to say the least with singer/guitarists and bassists from The Black Keys, Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson, a record founder, a country guitarist, and a mariachi band!

The band named The Arcs plans to have their album “Yours, Dreamily” released September 4th, 2015. Once the announcement went out, a single was also released Stay in My Corner which sounds a lot like something that The Black Keys would have released on their recent album “Turn Blue”, but unfortunately Auberach decided to do it with a new band and leave his partner in crime Patrick Carney in the dust.

It’s not totally clear yet whether or not Auberach will be continuing to do music with The Black Keys, hopefully this is just a side project. But this new band is confirmed and it is uncertain where it will leave Patrick Carney and the Keys…

Drones – Muse

Muse’s new album Drones sounds like a mix between something like Protest the Hero and U2, which in fact sounds pretty good. The way Mathew Bellamy (lead vocal and guitarist) gets is voice to hit the lows and ALL of the highs is quite the accomplishment and will give you chills through many of the songs on this new album!

The track Drones sort of sounds like chamber music and doesn’t really have the same feel that the rest of the album portrays. It seems like the album is taking on a kind of 1984 and Big Brother feel with many of the songs relating to “The Man” and being powered by him. Many of the songs such as Dead Inside, Psycho, and The Handler are all very good songs off the album and all relate to the common them of a “Big Brother” idea which is also emphasized through the artwork. Drones takes on a very different sound than the rest of the album and is very similar to chamber music. When all is said and done, the album was laid out in such a way that in the beginning people were being dominated and as time went on, they revolted and caused the end of the Drones which makes sense for the way the album ends.

It was a well done album by Muse and Warner Music UK. Good tunes and was organized in a great manner by chronological order of events through a change, revolution and aftermath!

Can’t Feel My Face + Apple Music

AGAIN!! Another singe from The Weeknd!

It sounds like a mix of Michael Jackson and a Daft Punk kind of electronic funk which is good!! From his album Trilogy, he did a cover of Dirty Diana which was stellar, and this is a good reminder of what The Weeknd is capable of. Not just is he able to do the smooth R&B/Soul sex music sound, but he can bring old sounds back with a new twist and kills it!

He premiered the song at Apple’s debut conference for Apple Music which is planned to be a new music streaming app which includes a worldwide radio station which broadcasts 24/7. The music selection is said to contain one of the most diverse selections available and is planned to be programmed for obviously Apple products and Android Phones. The App is set to debut on June 30, 2015 that was announced today when Apple released the information at a conference in San Francisco today with many artists such as Drake, The Weeknd and many more! The app will definitely give Spotify a run for its money!

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